Providing Homes for Those Who Fought for Ours
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    They Defend our Country

    Each year thousands of
    men and women enter
    hostile environments
    to defend our freedom

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    They Risk Their Lives

    On a daily basis they
    come under fire from
    enemy combatants who
    are determined to
    kill them

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    What Future Awaits Them?

    Severely injured soldiers
    return home to face painful
    losses that include paralysis
    and amputation

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    You decide their future

    Their home doesn’t have
    to be a prison full of
    daily frustrations where
    everything is hard of reach

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    Give Today or Volunteer to help

    Provide hope to a severely disabled
    veteran toward living in a home
    that’s suits their disabilities

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Current Projects
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Homes for Disabled Veterans is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization that is dedicated to providing new homes, rebuilt homes, and modifications on existing homes for severely disabled veterans that will allow easier access to common functions that are custom suited to their individual needs and requirements. All material costs used within each project are purchased through the donations of private individuals and corporate donors. Both general labor and skilled labor are supplied through the participation of volunteers with blueprints and supervision provided by Baldwin Construction Company of Wilmington North Carolina.

The Severely Disabled Veteran – The Purpose Behind Homes for Disabled Veterans

Each year thousands of soldiers are deployed to hostile environments in foreign lands in their attempt to serve their country and protect the freedoms that we are able to enjoy courtesy of their commitment and efforts. According to Pew Research regarding disabled veterans, nearly one out of every ten veterans alive today were seriously wounded at one point while serving in the military, with 75% of those injuries sustained while in combat. Upon returning to their country, most are faced with excruciatingly painful therapy along with the difficulties of trying to secure a job that will accommodate their disability within an economy that is faced with high unemployment. To make matters worse, they also have to deal with how to perform common day to day tasks within their living environment such as reaching sinks, cabinets, stoves, and a variety of other locations that most of us can get to with ease. Taking a shower or going to the bathroom becomes an ordeal, not to mention opening or closing doors when they’ve lost both of their hands or arms through amputation. Most of us see our homes as our sanctuaries, but for those disabled veterans that are living within a house that makes every simple task a monumental difficulty, then that home becomes a prison full of frustrations. This is where Homes for Disabled Veterans and YOU can help.

Contributing to Building Homes for Disabled Veterans – Donations and Labors of Love

When Homes for Disabled Veterans plans out projects for building new homes or rebuilding and/or modifying existing homes that are customized to accommodate the needs of a veteran with severe disabilities, each project takes into consideration what is needed in terms of building supplies, equipment, tools, appliances, and last but not least, land. There’s also the considerations noted for blueprints, permits, taxes, construction oversight and labor. While construction supervision, skilled labor, and general labor are provided through volunteers, the bulk of the costs are funded through corporate donors, fundraising events, and more importantly, the individuals who provide both one-time and monthly donations through our website. With each and every heartfelt and generous donation of money or time that is provided toward helping these wounded warriors, we are showing them that we appreciate their sacrifice and we honor them through our support. Homes for Disabled Veterans is not simply an organization that oversees home construction for disabled veteran projects, but is instead a community of people who understand the importance of giving back to the men and women of our armed forces who have lost the use of their hands, feet, arms, or legs while defending our country. They have gone into battle and paid dearly to protect us, and now we all have the chance to show them that they have our complete love and support for what they’ve given.

Our Current Homes for Disabled Veterans Project – A Home for MSG Kevin Holland

MSG Kevin HollandMSG Kevin Holland is truly a hero and patriot in every sense of the word. Kevin had retired and was living the civilian life as a game warden after serving a tour of duty in Desert Storm, when the events of 9/11 compelled him to reenlist. Between the years of 2002 and 2011 he was deployed 13 times, and during a deployment in 2004 he was wounded by an IED explosion that not only killed one of his comrades, but earned him a Purple Heart as well. In 2011 he was deployed to the Middle East, when he found himself in a firefight where he was struck by multiple rounds of machine gun fire from a distance of only 20 yards. MSG Kevin Holland earned himself another Purple Heart from his injuries, but this time was left with upper body paralysis. Even though Kevin will no longer be able to defend our country in the battlefields of war, we feel it is now our duty to stand by his side and assist him as he engages in a battle that will last the rest of his life; the battle to live each day faced with paralysis that includes what can sometimes be frustrating moments of limitations performing everyday tasks. By building him a home that will lessen those limitations, we are in a sense showing him that we are thankful for his service and he has not been forgotten.